Our Strength

Classroom Instructors

Experts sharing their knowledge through workshops, classes and lectures.




Connecting to professional networks and support systems to improve and grow. 

Our Services

Why We're Different

Our experience includes intimate connections and knowledge in various careers. We create fun and excitement instantly when connecting with others. Knowledge will give you a BRIGHT FUTURE!                 

Who We Are

Reality Education, LLC provide consulting services that builds a solid foundation for assessing, implementing and executing initiatives for success.


Establishing relationships to develop your education and career prospects. The art of communication will enhance your learning experiences.        

Our Vision

College Preparation

Assistance with all necessary steps to prepare for an exciting college journey.

We strive to help you develop a solid education foundation and/or create a business so you can be successful. We will work to improve skills, productivity, organization, company paperwork, and graduation. Find out how we can help you!

Developing Professionally

Finding your path in learning to improve skills, competence, effectiveness and knowledge in education, picking your career and exploring the world of entrepreneur. 

The Arts

Connecting with Celebrities in music, entertainment, business and sports.